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Firewall - API representation

The firewall resource represents a firewall in Shardimage.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource Representation

Firewall resource

  "id": string,
  "clouds": object,
  "cloudIds": string[],
  "createdAt": unsigned int,
  "updatedAt": unsigned int,
  "name": string,
  "rules": rulesResource
Property name Value Description Notes
id string ID of the firewall read only
clouds object Connected cloud objects
cloudIds string[] Connected cloud IDs
createdAt unsigned int Time of creation
updatedAt unsigned int Last update time
name string Name of firewall
rules rulesResource Rules of firewall

Rules resource

  "continentAccept": rule,
  "continentDeny": rule,
  "countryAccept": rule,
  "countryDeny": rule,
  "cdnAccept": rule,
  "cdnDeny": rule,
  "ipAccept": rule,
  "ipDeny": rule,
  "blockIfNotMatchAllow": bool,
Property name Value Description Notes
continentAccept rule Accepted continents
continentDeny rule Denied continents
countryAccept rule Accepted Countries
countryDeny rule Denied countries
cdnAccept rule Accepted CDNs
cdnDeny rule Denied CDNs
ipAccept rule Accepted IP adresses and ranges
ipDeny rule Denied IP adresses and ranges
blockIfNotMatchAllow boolean Blocks anyway if no rule match on acceptance rule

Rule resource

string connected with LF (\n or 0x0a) character. The parser allows the CR character also (CR + LF)

Examples: - "EN\nRU" - "\n1.1.1.1-"

FirewallList resource

  "nextPageToken": bool|string,
  "totalCount": unsigned int,
  "items": firewallResource[]
Property name Value Description Notes
nextPageToken bool / string If the list has next page
totalCount unsigned int Number of all firewalls
items firewallResource[] Firewalls


Name Description
noRules Without rules
noClouds Without clouds
noCloudIds Without cloudIds


Available methods for Firewalls resources are as follows:

  • create: Creates a new firewall.
  • view: Get firewall data.
  • exists: Fast way to check if the firewall exists or not.
  • list: Retrieves a list of firewalls matching the criteria.
  • update: Updates an existing firewall.
  • delete: Deletes a firewall permanently.
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