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Firewall: get

Returns the specified firewall.


HTTP request

GET /firewall/v1/<firewallId> HTTP/1.1


Paramete name Value Description
Path parameters
firewallId String ID of firewall

Request Body

This method does not support request body.


If successful, this method returns a firewall resource in the response body.

Response HTTP status code

HTTP status code Description
200 Success, returns a firewall resource
404 Firewall does not exist

For more information about HTTP codes, click here.

Rate limit

Detailed information for firewall rate limitation is available on Shardimage developers.


use shardimage\shardimagephp\auth\Client;
$client = new Client([
    'apiKey' => '<apiKey>',
    'apiSecret' => '<apiSecret>',
    'imageSecret' => '<imageSecret>',
$firewall = $client->getFirewallService()->view(<firewallId>);
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