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Transformations - The list of available effects

URL Transformations

Transformations are made up of groups. Each group may contain one or multiple operations. Within a group, the system evaluates and runs the operations inside according to its own, internal order. The end of the group is marked with the character / while the operations’ end is marked by the character _ .

Operations may contain parameters as well, that is preceded by the character : . The parameters are mostly divided by the character , ; or, if the operations are more complex / multilevel ones, then we normally use the character : (e.g.: layer operations).

In certain cases, the operations may be divided into sub-groups (e.g.: effects). In this case, if the operation requires it, it will run in a pre-defined order within the group itself.

You can check the structure of the image serving URL by clicking here ยป

/{group 1}/{group 2}/.../{group N}
{command 1}_{command 2}_..._{command N}
Operations with parameters:
{command 1}:{parameter 1},{parameter 2},...,{parameter N}
/{command 1/1}_{command 1/2}:{parameter 1}_{command 1/3}:{parameter 1},{parameter 2}/{command 2/1}...


  • within the group, the operations are run by the system’s own order - mainly because of optimization (faster response times and less CU) and ease of use
  • certain operations can only run at the end of a group
  • certain operations can only get in the group without further operations added
  • there is a “strict” URL processing, meaning, for example, that 123 and 123.0 have completely different meanings, and, with many parameters it accepts only integers.
  • effects are applicable only to images smaller than 25 mega pixels.


  • If want to avoid using the systems own order to run the transformations, and make it use the order we want them to be run, you can put the operations into different groups, by operations. Consider, however, that the CU demand and thereby the cost may be higher in the end.


These are the transformations and effects that currently available. We will constantly updating this list with new effects.

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