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You can find your basic data here for keeping in contact. You can activate the two-step verification that makes your account more secure.


This is how we’ll address you here on the site and in the e-mails we will be sending you. This can be different than the name specified on the billing data - thh invoice will always contain the name that was specified at the default invoice data. You can read more about the billing by clicking here.


You can modify your email address here. That will be used to notify you; we will send you important notifications relating to your account, e.g. billing and account usage data.

If you modify your email address, please keep in mind that you will need to re-verify your new address before you are able to use it.

Change password

You can modify your password here. As a security measure, it is required to provide your current password before creating a new one. Choose a safe password!


  • must be 8 characters at least.
  • must contain one uppercase English letter at least.
  • must contain one number at least.
  • must contain one special character #?!@$%^&*-+ and space
  • if you choose 12 characters, you don’t have to add a special characters (so you can use auto generated passwords in Chrome browser)

Two step verification

We recommend you to switch on the two step verification as a security measure. You can use your phone number or an official authenticator app instead.

Please note that if you verified your phone number or set the authenticator app, you still need to enable the two step verification.

Learn more about two step verification ยป


Select your time zone from the list. This way you can monitor the usage statistics and the costs in a manner of your choosing.

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