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Job: get


HTTP request

GET /job/v1/<jobId> HTTP/1.1


Paramete name Value Description
Path parameters
jobId String ID of job

Request Body

This method does not support request body.


If successful, this method returns a job resource in the response body.

Response HTTP status code

HTTP status code Description
200 Success, returns job resource
404 Job does not exist

For more information about HTTP codes, click here.

Rate limit

Detailed information for cloud rate limitation is available on Shardimage developers.


use shardimage\shardimagephp\auth\Client;
$client = new Client([
    'apiKey' => '<apiKey>',
    'apiSecret' => '<apiSecret>',
    'imageSecret' => '<imageSecret>',
$job = $client->getJobService()->view('<jobId>');
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