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Upload: modify

Re upload image with modifications. The original image will be removed, the newly uploaded and modified image will have the same public ID, as the original image.


HTTP request

PUT /upload/v1/c/<cloudId>/o/<publicId>/modify HTTP/1.1


PATCH /upload/v1/c/<cloudId>/o/<publicId>/modify HTTP/1.1


Paramete name Value Description
Path parameters
cloudId string Cloud ID where you upload the image.
publicId string Public ID of the image.
Optional query parameters
projection string Projection settings; comma separated string see

Request Body

Property name Value Description Note
Required Properties
file binary Binary content of the file
Optional Properties
transformation string Transformations on the image, affect the image before storing to the cloud
format string Image format to be stored
plugins string Plugins; comma separated string
tags string[] Tags for the image


If successful, this method returns a image resource in the response body.

Response HTTP status code

HTTP status code Description
200 Successfully modified and re uploaded

For more information about HTTP codes, click here.

Rate limit

Detailed information for image rate limitation is available on Shardimage developers.


use shardimage\shardimagephp\auth\Client;
use shardimage\shardimagephp\factories\Transformation;
$client = new Client([
    'apiKey' => '<apiKey>',
    'apiSecret' => '<apiSecret>',
    'imageSecret' => '<imageSecret>',
$params = [
    'publicId' => '<publicId>',
    'cloudId' => '<cloudId>'
$transformations = new Transformation();
$optParams = [      // Optional parameters
    'transformation' => $transformations
    'tags' => ['newTag'],
$response = $client->getUploadService()->modify($params, $optParams);
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