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Pricing groups

Our pricing can be put into three main categories:

  • network
  • storage
  • CU (compute units)

Since Shardimage was built on Google Cloud Platform, our network and storage pricing will be aligned with the then current prices of GCP. If you wish, you can always check that we’re offering the same price as they are on the GCP’s documentation.

More details on our pricing:

  • CU (Compute Unit): is the power unit needed to complete the process. The price of 1 CU is 0.01 USA dollar (for example 1000 CU is 10 USD). Detailed CU types »
  • storage: storage usage, there are 2 main types: Data storage and Object Storage. Detailed Storage types »
  • network: ingress and egress network traffic and processing costs. Detailed Network types »
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