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Billing - API representation

Resources for billing data.

Resource Representation

Detail resource

  "items": DetailItem resource,
  "warnings": DetailWarning resource
Property name Value Description Notes
items DetailItem[] Billing detail items
warnings DetailWarning[] Billing warning resources

DetailItem resource

  "timestamp": unsigned int,
  "cloudId": unsigned int,
  "group": string,
  "type": string,
  "estimatedValue": float
  "estimatedAmount": float
Property name Value Description Notes
timestamp unsigned int Billing data for specified time
cloudId string Billing data for specified cloud
group string Billing group: cu, network, storage
type string Type of counter
estimatedValue float Estimated value
estimatedAmount float Estimated price [$]

DetailWarning resource

  "code": unsigned int,
  "message": string
Property name Value Description Notes
code unsigned int Error code
message string Error message


Name Description
estimatedAmount Calculates and returns with the estimatedAmount data
byCloud Filtering by cloud
byType Filtering by type


Available methods for Billing resources are as follows:

  • detail: Returns the filtered billing details.
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