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Cloud - API representation

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource Representation

Cloud resource

  "id": string,
  "name": string,
  "description": string,
  "createdAt": unsigned int,
  "updatedAt": unsigned int,
  "settings": object,
  "firewall": object,
  "hasSuperBackup": boolean,
  "info": object
Property name Value Description Notes
id string ID of the cloud read only
name string Name of the cloud
description string Description of the cloud optional
createdAt unsigned int Creation time of the cloud read-only
updatedAt unsigned int Last update time read-only
settings object Cloud settings
firewall object Connected firewall
hasSuperBackup boolean Is cloud has super backup read-only
info cloudInfo Storage information of the cloud read only

CloudInfo resource

  "estimatedStorageSize": float|null,
  "estimatedItemCount": unsigned int|null
Property name Value Description Notes
estimatedStorageSize float or null Estimated storage size [GiB]; if NULL then cloud is empty read only
estimatedItemCount unsigned int or null Estimated item count; if NULL then cloud is empty read only

CloudList resource

  "nextPageToken": bool|string,
  "totalCount": unsigned int,
  "items": cloudResource[]
Property name Value Description Notes
nextPageToken bool/string
totalCount unsigned int
items cloudResource[]


Name Description
noSettings Without settings data
noFirewall Without firewall data
noSuperBackup Without super backup data
info With storage information


Available methods for Clouds resources are as follows:

  • create: Creates a new cloud.
  • view: Returns the specified cloud.
  • exists: Fast way to check if the cloud exists or not.
  • update: Updates an existing cloud.
  • list: Retrieves a list of clouds matching the criteria.
  • delete: Permanently deletes the cloud.
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