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Should I use separate clouds for every image type?

Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t employ separate clouds for all the different image types.


Cloud storage has regular fees, so, if there aren’t enough images for them to store, it will result in additional costs without any specific benefits. Use label to separate the different types (or maybe use public ID prefixes) that can be filtered on both the API side and on the shardimage.com website.

Using a separate cloud is recommended in the following cases:

  • if it is necessary from a security / data protection standpoint; e.g.: the number of people who have access to the system is severely limited
  • if there is a chance that all clouds will contain more than 100,000-200,000 images
    • above 1 million images, it is strongly suggested that you create a separate cloud, since later there might be a need to revise the costs on a per cloud basis
  • if you are using the clouds for 1-2 months temporarily; in certain cases it is cheaper and faster to delete a cloud than deleting the images it contains one by one
    • don’t forget: if you had labeled your images previously, you can easily delete all the images that have a specific label with a single query
  • if there are aspects of your use-case where storing multiple groups of your images is not justified
    • e.g.: separating cost on a per cloud basis

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