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Compress images automatically

Image compression is a type of data compression that is applied to digital images. The main goal is usually to reduce their cost for storage or transmission. The process can be executed in multiple ways, but basically has two main areas:

  1. lossy image compression
  2. lossless image compression

Shardimage lets you choose from multiple optimization methods to make sure that you find the one that is the most appropriate for your needs. Your own images and the way you want to use them defines the type it’ worth using.

  • jpegoptim

Jpegoptim is a utility for optimizing JPEG files. The visible quality of the resulting image is not decreased. It provides both lossless optimization and “lossy” optimization methods.

  • optipng

OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer. It recompresses image files to a smaller size, without losing any information. It also performs PNG integrity checks and corrections.

  • webp

WebP is a “next gen” image format. It employs both lossy and lossless compression. It is currently developed by Google.

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