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Shardimage Downloader

In order to download remote content, you’ll need the Shardimage Downloader’s assistance. The downloading algorithm aims to minimize attackts / unwanted access types utilizing the most modern web standards/processes.

The significance of this writing is, for example: - you wouldn’t like Shardimage to download content from your server - block illegal content - you wish that only your clouds would be able to access the files on your server (e.g.: premium contents)

Option to block

  • through email: such submissions will be checked by administrators (e.g.: if the person submitting the request is the owner)
  • robots.txt: the contents of robotx.txt will allow or block access. The file robots.txt will be refreshed every hour.
    • identifier in robots.txt: shardimage
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
User-agent: shardimage
Allow: /shares/
  • HTTP header: the system identifides itself in the header of the HTTP request, so there is a chance for individual handling requests, too, e.g.: which clouds have access to upload or serve. Shardimage never chaces remote content.
    • X-Shardimage-Type: type (api: upload through API, imageServing: when serving image)
    • X-Shardimage-Cloud-Id: cloud ID
    • User-Agent: shardimage/1.0 identifying text
GET /shares/in-cofe.jpg HTTP/1.1
Host: example.com
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; shardimage/1.0; +https://www.shardimage.com/shardimage-downloader)
X-Shardimage-Type: imageServing
X-Shardimage-Cloud-Id: XXXXXXXX
  • Through any means of communication, based on submissions: e.g.: finding forbidden contents, etc.


  • Can you block based on IP adress only? No, since each Shardimage server is equipped with a unique public IP, which is completely dynamic.
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