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Learn more about your invoices, here’s where you can find them.

  1. Log in.
  2. Select, from the left-hand side menu, the Billing & Payment menu and its Transactions & Invoices submenu.
  3. after the target spreadsheet has loaded, the date select allows you to filter the billing of the timeframe
  4. there are two additional selects as well. Payment type allows you to filter for payment types:
    • Credit/Debit card deposit (when you paid in advance)
    • Credit/Debit card (when the system charged your card)
    • Paypal deposit
    • Gift
  5. Status select allows you to filter the status of payments:
    • Paid
    • Not paid
    • Cancelled
    • Unsuccessful
    • Waiting for payment
    • Refunded
  6. after you have set the filter and clilck on Search, the list will show you the payments for the specified timeframe, and by clicking on the number of the Download invoice column you’ll be able to download the individual invoices.
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