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Detailed costs & statistics

Learn more about your account’s statistics, and check your expenses as detailed as you need.

  1. Log in.
  2. Select, from the left-hand side menu, the Stats & Logs menu and its Detailed costs submenu.
  3. after the target spreadsheet has loaded, the date select allows you to filter the statistics of the timeframe.
  4. IMPORTANT: as of now, you need to click the Search button after you have set the range of date you wish to query
  5. the results’ list consists of cards, whose lower left corner contains the month, while the righ corner shows the amount specifically (the total SI costs of the given month).
  6. when you click on them, each card will show you a dropdown list and display in threes (Storage, Network, CU) the amount with an additional Details button as well
  7. when you click on Details, you will see the detailed statistics of the month. You can also filter for processes (you will need to filter first, then click on Search - otherwise, it won’t show you anything)
  8. you can filter for cloud, pricing group (Storage, Network, CU), and, in Type sselect you can even make image servicing and effect transformation costs displayed as well (don’t forget to click Search after you have selected everything you need).
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