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Gift Credits (a.k.a. our free trial)

What is this gift credit?

Instead of a free trial period, we decided to give you another opportunity to try the services provided by Shardimage - you can decide for yourself when you see the services we offer in action. In a way, this is like a free trial, but without the hustle of starting two separate processes in case you decide to join us and take advantage of our full services.

You can use all the features and functions of the site with no further limitation whatsoever. If you decide to stick with us, you’ll see that the system is completely usage based: you only need to pay for what you use.

How can I get such gift credit?

In order to get some of this free credit, you’ll need to register a payment method that had not been registered in the system before.

A further requirement is that the specific account that you want to use the free credit with had not received any gift credits in other promotion or sale.

How does it work?

During registration, you’ll need to provide a valid payment method to utilize our services. The validation process runs through the payment system of Stripe, and once they deem your payment method valid, the credit will be deposited in your account and you should be able to see it right away.

After your gift credits have been made available, all costs will be subtracted from that - so, if you topped up the account with 300 USD, and got 50 USD in gift credit, your account balance is 350 USD. If you spend 50 USD afterwards, it will be taken out of the gift credit, so your original top up will still be available.

What are the limitations on spending this credit?

The expiry date is 12 months - that’s the time-frame at your disposal to spend the credit. After this period, it will disappear from your balance.

You cannot transfer it to any other account, nor can it assign it to anybody else. It cannot be refunded, and if it expires or you run out of it, you’ll need to top up your account in order to further use it.

NB.: the number of credits that are gifted through different promotions and sales can be different.

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