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Cloud costs

Learn more about what costs are associated with your clouds.

1. Your first cloud is free

The first cloud you create is not going to cost you any additional fees. Neither its creation, nor its maintenance will generate any excess costs. We advise you to only use one cloud per account. By using tags, you can further organize your images within your cloud and you are also able to perform mass operations based on these tags.

Important! Solely and exclusively your very first cloud is going to be free. In the case you delete it and create an another one instead of it, you will have to expect a fee for the new one’s creation.

2. Additional clouds have two kinds of costs

Aside from your very first cloud, all of the additional clouds are going to cost a creation fee. You can check the current creation fee here. Every cloud’s creation - following your first cloud - is going to immediately cost this amount of money.

Besides the creation fee, there is going to be a minimal fee for maintenance per cloud, which you can check by clicking here.

3. The maintenance of one cloud is always free

One cloud is always going to be free of maintenance fee. For example, if you create three clouds after your registration, then:

  • in case of the first cloud, there is not going to be any fee either for creation, or for maintenance
  • as for the second and third clouds, you have to expect the fees of creation and maintenance, too
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