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Source version

This serves to put a version number on the source. It is useful when some part of the network (e.g. CDN) has already cached the URL, while the image had been changed under the same public ID. The problem we face here is that while we want to newest version of the image displayed, it shows the previous content. In this case, modifying the version text yields the service of the most up-to-date image.


/v/{version text}

  • prefix /v/
  • version string that may contain any character except the character /


  • The system only stores the most up-to-date version of the images in order to force update the CDN
  • The system does not store multiple version even in the case of remote contents in order to force update the CDN
  • There is no limitation on the version text, but the upper-limit of the URL’s length is valid in this case
  • The version text cannot contain the character / - only in its URL encoded format (%2F)


  • /v/20190101, https://img.shardimage.com/5ow354rT/s-b3:C_tlxGmybQM8JnzwpDHH55dtfvIL-2XE00/o-strictSecureHash/w:100/v/20190101/i/olivia

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