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URL protection

Serves to protect the URL, so third parties cannot modify its content. This has significance in the expenses of CU and other service specific aspects (e.g.: full size images are behind a paywall, etc.)


Generated by an API key

The simple form of generating.

  • URL starts with s-b3:

Generated by an access token

More complex, but more secure and function-rich method of generating URL.

  • URL starts with s-token2:
  • number of usage can be specified
  • date of expiration can be specified
  • option of HTTP authentication
  • each usage have a minimal CU cost


  • it is usually suggested to enable and and use an obligatory cloud encryption
  • if there is not obligatory URL protection enabled, then the function of protection will be skipped
  • can be generated by the hash program codes of the protection and cannot be manually specified


  • Due to the fact that access token requests are counted, it is not feasible to service multiple thousands of requests / second (however, the capacity can be multiplied by using multiple access tokens simultaneously)
  • You can only generate and manage Access Tokens from API-s
  • If you are using a CDN, the available functionality of the access token may be fully or partially reduced, because of the nature of CDN network services.
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