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With the search bars you can search for Public ID (which is basically the filename of the image file), Prefix and Tags. Also, you can choose wich cloud’s content do you want to see.

You can make operations with the buttons below the search bar. With the to first buttons you can select/deselect all of the cloud’s images.

You can download the selected images in a .zip file from your browser, by clicking the Download button. Manage tags button is for adding or removing tags. The Delete button permanently deletes all of the selected images.

If you want to add more images to the cloud, use the green Upload button.

Image options

If you want to edit an image and/or generate a Shardimage URL, hover over the images in the list, click the three dots and choose Edit.

With Copy public ID you can copy the selected image’s public ID to your clipboard.

Download of course will download the image file to your device.

If you click Manage tags, you can add or delete tags to the selected image. It’s a great way to organize your files inside a cloud.

Quick view will open the selected image on a new tab. Please note that this URL will expire in 5 minutes! If you need a permanent URL, choose Copy URL from the context menu.

You can permanently delete the image with the Delete option.

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