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Image tags - best practice


Choosing the right tags for images is essential. Not just for filtering, but it can help you handle them in the future. For example, deleting a big amount of images can be tricky and expensive, but using the Shardimage deleteByTag function it’s simple. All the developer need to give the right tag to the image at upload.

So how to imagine the tags?

In a simple way, image tags can be visualized as sets and subsets. The deleteByTag function works with one tag only, so we can’t give multiple tags to delete set intersection. For this, we need to define the intersection tags in the moment of upload. To read more details about this function, click here »

Short example

For example, we have a cloud with only user images. Now we define some tags like: avatar, post, <user-id>. These will be the sets. For intersection, we define avatar:<user-id> and post:<user-id>. In this case, we can handle every group.

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