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What is a cloud and how can you use it for storing your images? Here come the details.

The cloud contains the images you have uploaded just like a folder does on your hard drive. In the list, you can see the clouds you have created and their main properties.

You can create new cloud by clicking on Create cloud button.

The dropdown Action menu at the end of each lines allows you to select the operation you want to undertake with that specific cloud:

  • Update: here you can modify the name and the description of the cloud
  • Features: you can add extra features to your cloud, e.g.: compression or backup. You can later manage these features from here.
  • Upload images: you will be redirected to the uploader, where you can upload images to the cloud using your browser.
  • View images: you can list the images in the cloud, run a search on them and edit these images.
  • Delete: you can delete the cloud and all of it’s content completely by clicking on the link .

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